Better Late…

I am officially in the Christmas mood! I spent almost the entire day at home yesterday…time I so needed. Our house is *almost* in order (so we can relax after Christmas!!) and I made lots and lots of cookies!

We all loaded in the car after dinner, in our pjs, with cookies in hand. We drove around and saw the best light shows in the city. It was so fun and relaxing!
Here are my Christmas decor pics. It’s far from perfect, but it’s comfortable and fun for us.
We normally have 2 trees, a kid one downstairs and a formal one upstairs. Unfortunately, my formal one didn’t make it this year, due to her limbs falling off. We decided to do the kids’ tree upstairs.

I decided the rest of the decor should follow suit.

The spice drop wreath I made (yes, you read that right!).

Our table with the infamous gingerbread house on it.

The sleigh my grandpa made. It normally holds our Christmas cards, but I re-purposed it this year.

Because I won this at a gift exchange! I love it!

The dining room hutch.

The advent calendar my sister and I used when we were growing up. Now my kiddos use it!

The mantle. I can’t show you a wide shot because I didn’t clean off all the cds and movies that are behind the decor! And the girls were watching a movie.

There it is. Simple and fun. Hope you’re having an amazing week-before-Christmas! We’re almost there!

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