Sweet Surprise

We found out last week that the workers at our house needed the color codes for the paint on our walls. They are tearing out the ceiling and needed to fix the places where the walls meet the ceiling.

I have been planning to do some more repainting, so I thought “this is my chance. I won’t have to do any of the ceiling trim!” I decided to pick the new colors, in hopes that the crew wouldn’t notice the fact that it wasn’t exactly our current colors. *wink, wink*

Today, Brad told them of our plans. They said they normally paint THE WHOLE WALL anyway, so it didn’t matter. What was that? I may get the rooms painted. for me. with insurance money. I still don’t know for sure how much they’re going to do, but hey, it’s more help than I was planning to get 4 weeks ago.

If all goes according to the *current* plan, we are looking at at least another week in the hotel. So, I will just have to endure the maid service, pool, full breakfast and eating out for another week before I get to go home to my freshly painted walls. I know, feel bad for me.

Here are the colors I chose:

for our bedroom

for our living room and kitchen

What do you think?

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