I am so happy it’s Friday.

I have 2 little sickies today, but at least it’s Friday.

I hope C has a good day at school.

I wonder if we should get lunch and eat here, since we have sickies.

We (hopefully) only have 2 more sleeps until home!

I think my bedroom green might be mint. yikes.

I am going to paint to my heart’s content on Monday.

I think I might get some fun snackies for SuperBowl night, even though it will only be us. BUT we will be home.

It’s the weekend. In hotel terms, that means eating out, Friday night pay-per-view and lots of swimming.

My life is really great.

* you must think I’m crazy because of my mood swings. just keepin’ it real, people. *

2 thoughts on “Random

  1. Hope you get to go home soon. No fun to have sick kids, though. I think we're doing by-ourselves Superbowl too. No one really cares about either of the teams, so having a hard time being excited about it. Now if it were the Vikings… At work this morning. K came with me. John posted an ad for screenwriters on Craigslist, we are having fun laughing about all the submissions. We posted for a “redemptive thriller”. So, what is the guy who specializes in “dark arts” thinking?? Miss you! Oh! we're dedicating T Sunday 9am. will you be there?


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