Dining Set Transformation

Thanks for all of your kind comments on my last couple of makeovers. You guys are all so encouraging!!

Here’s my latest transformation! This one brought on a lot of sweat and tears, but was soo worth it!
The before, plain wood legs and black top…

(Please ignore my messy garage)

I painted it creamy white and then distressed.

And added some new hardware to the drawers.

The chairs used to be the typical wood color with black vinyl chair cushions.

Now they are creamy white with chocolate faux-leather cushions.

I love the transformation. The color combination is gorgeous!

You can see more details here!
Also seen at

39 thoughts on “Dining Set Transformation

  1. I wanted to respond about your wax question on my sage buffet. Generally I don't use wax but I have one sample that is waxed instead of glazed and several clients have chosen it lately. I just get the wax from Home Depot/Lowes and use black tint to color it (Home Depot or Lowes would probably give you some tint out of their machine). I rub it on with a rag or sock. It tones the paint a bit and grabs dark in the distressed areas. I do like glaze better. Wax is harder to work with, but I like the furniture feel it gives in the end! Good luck!


  2. What a great transformation. I just refinished a kitchen table, but I'm still on the hunt for chairs. I love how you changed the vinyl of the chairs. Great idea!


  3. Beautiful job! I'm a sucker for white furniture. I just found a similarly shaped table on Craigslist and had been thinking about painting it white. I think you've tipped the scales with your transformation. Thanks for the inspiration.

    Sara @ The Handy Hausfrau


  4. Oh my goodness, it looks amazing!
    I love the faux leather seat cushions.
    We currently have yucky, dirty, original fabric for our 80's laminate table we inherited from my hubby's grandma.
    It needs a major facelift. My kids have destroyed it 🙂


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