Mirror No More

I started with this mirror.

It was supposed to attach to the back of a dresser, but I felt that they were destined to be separated…
I removed the attachment pieces. And then began to remove the mirror. It was attached with staples, so I “simply” removed them. They were stuck so far down in the wood that it was shredding as I removed the staples. Grrr.
So, I decided to cheat and only remove half the staples. I was able to then slide the mirror out easily.
I painted and distressed the frame and then primed the mirror. I painted it with chalkboard paint and was so pleased with the result!
Then, as I was *sliding* it back into the frame, I scraped the front of it, removing some of the paint! Double grrr.
I was so frustrated that I set it aside and ignored it for a week. Yes, I admit it. I fight with my pieces sometimes.
We are finally back on speaking terms today, so I removed the entire back, painted it again and then reassembled it.
Here is the result…

(the writing is photobucket-ed on there, since the paint needs a few days to set)

Yes, it took me a week to complete. Oh well. I am so pleased with it now!
All the details are here.


18 thoughts on “Mirror No More

  1. I have been SO aggravated with myself. I have an awesome huge pine frame that had a mirror in it. I was going to do something else with the frame, so I left the mirror in California when we moved. I realized a few months ago that I should have KEPT the mirror so I could do exactly this to it!!! Now I don't know what to put in the frame to “chalk.” Ugh. This looks adorable, fyi. So cute. Just like all your projects. =^)


  2. What an adorable mirror! I love it!

    We're looking so forward to seeing the Anderson clan in a couple of hours! Really, we moved away before getting to know anyone very well (the internet is awesome for growing friendships, I think). But we just might be back someday!:) We're definitely New Lifers for life;)


  3. Hi Andrea-

    This is such super idea. So many mirrors I see at thrift stores have tarnished finishes. I know some love this look, but I like things a bit more pristine. This looks fabulous the way you paired it with the sideboard.

    My best- Diane


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