Pie Safe {reinvented}

I got to work on this fun pie safe this week…

My client asked for a whitewash treatment to coordinate with some of the existing furniture in her home. I had played around with dry brushing before on this piece, but I had never actually done an entire piece in whitewash before. So I researched and, through some trial and error, reached a pretty easy and fun process.
It went something like this:
1. Sand the entire piece to the bare wood
2. Wipe off the dust
3. Dilute paint with paint thinner–about a 1 part thinner to 4 parts paint ratio
4. Brush on paint, pretty solidly (is that a real term?), with the grain of the wood
5. Wipe off with a wet rag (this is the hardest part of the process. I had to make sure to wipe in pretty, straight lines without any goopy or messy areas. It would dry and show every little swipe mark!)
6. Let dry
7. Repeat steps 4-6 until the desired color is reached (this was 3 coats for me)
8. Distress
9. Wipe off dust
10. Seal with a coat of Polyacrylic.

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