Swimming…Against the Current

I’ve been absent on purpose.

This life we live…we, meaning the ones in my home and we, the bloggers, facebookers, twitterers, Moms, friends…it can get so hurried. So pressured. So fast.

So I made a decision to sloooow. To quiet. To allow for breathing. For smiling. For joy.

The pressure to keep up can become so great that we forget to look up. To notice the ones around us. The beauty around us.

This is where I found myself, anyway.

So I have quieted. And now I can sense His prompting “It’s okay. Tiptoe.”

So I am tiptoe-ing. Quietly. And slowly.

The process and WORK that He has been doing in me has been…thick. Does that make sense? Without ceasing, I push through the waist-high-mud, longing for the shore. Longing for a break from the labor.

But through all of this, this work, this labor…I know He is GOOD. The work He is doing in me is GOOD. Even when I don’t see any fruit from my labor…when it feels like it’s all done in secret and please oh please let me know that I am on the right path…He is GOOD.

He sees me. He is for me.

I could run and choose an easier way.

Or I can lean into it. I can ask for more. More wisdom. More strength. More of Him and what He has for me.

And this is what I am choosing. I am leaning and pressing and asking…

And for those of you that are moms, or even if you just find yourself rushed and hurried, you can go here for some extra encouragement. This post helped to breathe life and purpose to the journey I’ve found myself on…

2 thoughts on “Swimming…Against the Current

  1. God Bless you and your beautiful family. Thank you so much for sharing your heart and for being so real. You are a wonderful example for the rest of us 🙂


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