Rules for Dads of Daughters

I’m up early this morning (as I usually am).

I noticed the light coming from beneath the door of my bedroom, meaning Brad is awake too. Then, I see my Emma sleepily walk to our bedroom door, open it and walk in to him.
I love that she has no hesitation. She knows she can approach her daddy and he is available to her. He is a good daddy.
She comes out of the bedroom and tells me he’s going to teach her how to play chess. This morning. While it’s still dark outside. Before she has her first chess club meeting at school today.
He is there for her. Her strong daddy who knows everything and can do anything (we’ll enjoy this while she still think it *wink*). There aren’t many things that warm my heart more than watching the man I love love our children.
I found this on pinterest this morning.

I read it through teary eyes.
Good reminders and sweet thoughts.
You can find the original post here.

3 thoughts on “Rules for Dads of Daughters

  1. Hey Andrea….so nice to meet you too! I loved this article on Dads and daughters. So sweet. I needed to hear some of the things just as a Mom too. I'm curious if you've read/or studied “Five Conversations you must have with your Daughter” by Vicki Courtney? Curious your thoughts.


  2. Hi Andrea! Just stopping by your blog today to check it out. It's beautiful! You are a Mommy of five!! Oh my! They are all so beautiful and look like you've had them so close together. You must have had a lot of diapers at once. 🙂 We did too. Our two eldest are just a year apart. Two in diapers at once! We are blessed, so blessed, with three.

    I will add you too my blogroll. Looking forward to getting to know you more.


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